Wally Bergen, founder of WB SysTech LLC, grew up in Germany building custom windows with his dad.
In the 1990’s, high quantity manufacturing was brought to the market, but Wally and his dad focused more on creating rapid-prototype production of high-end units and CNC technology, both of which were rare at the time.

In 2000, Wally thought it best to move into the software market and figure out what he could do to help make manufacturing companies become more efficient in the work that they did. Wally spent many years working with different software companies in Germany until he and his family decided to immigrate to the US in 2006.

Seeing the differences between European and American window and door manufacturing gave Wally insight as to what was needed in the industry. He observed manufacturing companies process data way too many times before it moved through production. He noticed too much work was being done manually and that there was a lack of skilled, and trained, employees.

The problems Wally observed lead WB SysTech LLC to develop EZ-WinDoor.
EZ-WinDoor simplifies the process by reducing lead times, minimizing errors in machining, and decreasing throughput time.

Wally has seen businesses struggling because of inefficiency and redundant processes. He saw the need for a software solution that would help manufacturers survive difficult economic times but also to position themselves for prosperity in the future. EZ-WinDoor is that software solution.


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