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WB is the leading Software Solution for the Window and Door industry. From estimating with no limits in design and style, generating Bills-of-Material, Parts and Cut lists all the way to Paperless Production using Barcodes; WB simplifies the process, and can connect to CNC and Non-CNC Machines.


Size depending Hardware resolutions. Using outside dimensions, certain rebate grooves or other references to determine the exact location of the hardware. Changing the unit size, automatically controlling and moving each hardware component to its location. Making sure that each piece of hardware will fit after the unit is assembled and pre-hung. Hardware can be set up for American Style as well as European Style of Windows and Doors (Casement, Awning, Hoppers, Hung-System, Sliding-System, Folding-Doors, Exterior and Interior Doors, Tilt’nTurn, etc.).


Generate parametric Cross-Sections and Elevation Drawings automatically. Present Interior and Exterior Views including the Opening Scheme based on the Hardware Selection. Changing a parameter (eg. Stile Width) will automatically adjust the Section and Elevation drawings.

Custom Design

From rectangular design to angular or radius units. If you can think it, you can make it. Combine slant and curved parts in one unit. Anything designed can also be manufactured and machined. Reports with radius and angle information will be generated, and CNC machine code will be calculated automatically.


Easily make 2D units pop using our custom 3D engine.

Flexibility is an absolute key feature, making sure every run can be achieved without any loss in efficiency. Simply select a Custom-Design from the user-defined catalog and change the required parametric information.

Reports made EASY.

Design your own Reports for Sales and Production needs. From Quoting and Invoicing to Bill-of-Material, Rough-Mill-List, Glass and Panel Reports and Barcodes for Production and Machining Purpose. All these Reports can be set as a default and executed in a batch process.

We do machining too.

Connecting 3/4/5 Axis CNC Routers, Nesting and Part Positioning on Table. Collision Control and Clamp Positioning. Non-CNC Machines such as Double Miter Saw, Welding Machines, NC-controlled Moulders and Shapers, etc.

Importing data is simple.

Easily take any data source from another software and automatically generate Units within WB. Batch process and automate all the way from the desk, to Production and Machining.

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